AGAHI & IGNITE sign MOU for strategic partnership

Accord signed to cultivate dynamics around Fourth Industrial Revolution Click here for the Story: AGAHI sings MoU to boost technology Click here for the Story: AGAHI & IGNITE sign MOU for strategic partnership Click here... Read More

AIOU,AGAHI sign MoU to set up foresight media lab – Press Coverage

AIOU, Agahi sign MoU to set up Foresight Media Lab Click here for the Story: AIOU-AGAHI Signs MoU To Set Up Foresight Media Lab Click here for the Story: AIOU-AGAHI signs MoU to set up Foresight Lab Click here for the... Read More

Pakistan’s First Foresight Lab to be Established Soon – Press Coverage

Pakistan’s firstever ‘Foresight Lab’ to be established soon Click here for the Story: Pakistan's First `Foresight Lab' To Be Established Soon Click here for the Story: Pakistan’s first `Foresight Lab’ to... Read More

AGAHI and IWCCI train Women in Gujranwala on enhancing entrepreneurial skills – Press Coverage

Imparting skills: AGAHI arranges seminar for women Click here for the Story: 50 women trained in Gujranwala for enhancing entrepreneurial skills Click here for the Story: Imparting skills: AGAHI arranges convention for women Click here for... Read More

Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder AGAHI joins International Press Institute World Congress 2015

How can journalists reconcile the need to share information with the danger that the news they report could potentially incite violence or spread panic? Pakistani media professional Puruesh Chaudhary and others will address that question at the International Press Institute (IPI)’s 2015 World Congress and General Assembly from March 27 to 29 in Yangon during the panel discussion “Straight Talk – The Ethical Coverage of Crises and... Read More

The Pakistani Nostradamus

Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder AGAHI interviews Prof. Sohail Inayatullah, Co-Founder MetaFuture Futures Studies is the study of alternative futures – possible, probable, preferred – and the worldviews and myths that underlie them. The futurist employs time, uses the future, to change the present. The futurist seeks not only to solve tomorrow’s problems today, but find tomorrow’s opportunities today. While many use futures studies in the... Read More

2013-14 State of the Future named “Book of the Month” for November 2014 by Global Foresight Books

(PRWEB) November 27, 2014 "2013-14 State of the Future" shows that the world is improving better than most pessimists know, but future dangers are worse than most optimists indicate. “Strategically – and globally – comprehensive trend analysis is rare, and for this reason alone, the 2013-14 State of Future is important… absolutely worth the reader’s time just in the assemblage of search data alone… many extremely insightful... Read More

Expanding Economic Opportunity programme in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

AGAHI has initiated a project 'Creating Economic Opportunities’ to strengthen civil society partnership and build the capacity of local communities for a sustainable growth, strengthening peace and ensuring human dignity by enhancing active participation contributing to socio-economic wellbeing. The program will focus on a three-pronged strategy in order to create better understanding of economic opportunities for the people in Khyber... Read More

The Media in Pakistan

An interview with Puruesh Chaudhary on Pakistan’s media industry, ethics, and the state of investigative journalism. Having been affiliated with the Pakistani media industry for over a decade, Puruesh Chaudhary has become as an integral part of the country’s crop of young and ambitious players in the media sector. From initially working with two leading, local television channels – DAWN and SAMAA TV – Chaudhary has been invited to... Read More

Pakistan 2060

A daunting challenge, many have struggled to imagine a future of Pakistan beyond an electoral cycle or a human life or even unmet visions. The trouble is that collective foresight and intelligence is missing from our political and institutional systems. Foresight that enables a country to build, and for stronger relationships and alliances amongst leaders from across organisations and sectors, demonstrating clearer intentions and commitments as... Read More