Futures Lecture by Puruesh Chaudhary at the National Defence University

Puruesh ChaudharyTuesday 9 February 2016: Due to the increasing complexities and socio-cultural dynamics of modern societies; nature of challenges arising is provoking a stronger attention from the policymakers; The Futures lecture delivered at the National Defence University was a reflection of the emerging trends, alternative paths for development, better decisions and policies, and the prevention of crises and negative effects.

Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder and President AGAHI during her lecture focused on;

  • Clarifying participants’ ideas about the utility of futures technique and methodologies; and the ability to link strategic foresight to strategic planning and policy value
  • Generating strategic insight without prejudicing the autonomy of individuals to choose different options and adopt different values; producing alternative futures
  • Increasing awareness of the gravity of challenges faced by Pakistanis, intended interventions, anticipated outcomes and expected impacts of future strategies and plans so that they are sufficiently well defined and meaningful

National Defence UniversityThe lecture was attended by the students of the National Defence University, BS Program of the Contemporary Studies. The lecture will be followed by a day-long futures workshop focused on developing the capacity of the students to ideate, imagine and analyze the potential of the present, extrapolate meanings from the past contributing towards alternative futures for Pakistan 2067.