Pakistan Foresight Initiative

Imagining a future in developing economies is a daunting task. Policymaker and businesses in these economies need consistent systematic future insights in order to develop plausible scenarios, thinking through local, regional and global trends – understanding risk implications and useful opportunities. Today, the Government, Private Sector, Academia, Media and the Civil Society are required to be strategic, well-coordinate and prompt in service delivery. To enable an effective and efficient decision-making process, Pakistan Foresight Initiative focuses on human capital development and strengthening institutions capacity, producing quality futures research and policy designs. This initiative is led by an informal network of individuals and organisations from diversified backgrounds. AGAHI is also a Country Node of the Millennium – Project, Global Futures Studies & Research Think Tank, identifying emerging issues and opportunities, studying prospects and potential resolution; also conducting autonomous research representing Pakistan.

In Pakistan, AGAHI is the only organisation which is at the forefront of devising foresight research and future scenarios work in the country, working with few of the most credible experts from around the world.