CIME International Media Ethics Day Newsletter

CIME’s monthly newsletter offers current, relevant and engaging media ethics news to journalists and media professionals around the globe. International Media Ethics Day 2012 Events take place around the globe: read our reports IMED-2012…

IMED-2012 in India Jamshedpur
International Media Ethics Day was celebrated in India, Jamshedpur, and organized by the Indian Journalists Welfare Foundation (IJWF).VIEW FULL REPORTMore than 100 Journalists and University Professors Attend IMED in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Deputy Information and Culture Minister, Din Mohammad Mobarez Rashedi participated along with more than 100 journalists and University professors from across the country.
VIEW FULL REPORTPalestinians Confront Ethical concerns at this Year’s IMED
The International Media Ethics Day in Palestine had a successful turnout this year with a round of 40 participant journalists representing Palestinian media.
VIEW FULL REPORTSecond International Media Ethics day in Cotonou, Benin
Benin’s edition of the second International Media Ethics Day was coordinated by the PROFAMEC Institute, which offers training for media and communications professionals.

Nigeria Tackles Media Ethics at 2nd IMED Seminar
A one-day workshop was organized by Community Outreach Newspaper Makurdi and University of MkarinGboko, in conjunction with Center for International Media Ethics (CIME), to mark the Second International Media Ethics Day held at the University of Mkar chapel on September 21st, 2012.


Nepal Hosts a Successful Workshop Attended by 17 Participants
Center for Media Research Nepal (CMR-Nepal), hosted a program at Union House, Kathmandu on September 21, 2012, in order to mark the International Media Ethics Day.


International media ethics day in Ivory Coast
The second edition of IMED in Ivory Coast took place in Abidjan-Cocody. Guests of honour included the country’s Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and Ministry of communications.


IMED in Pakistan
International Media Ethics Day was celebrated at National Press Club, Islamabad, Pakistan, on October 6, 2012.


IMED Hungary 2012
The Hungarian Institute for Media Studies hosted the International Media Ethics Day this year, which mainly focused on cases of sport journalism.


IMED Argentina
El evneto organizado por FOPEA (Foro de Periodismo Argentino) en el marco de la iniciativa de CIME, fue llevado a cabo en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación y de la Comunicación Social de la Universidad del Salvador, en Buenos Aires.VIEW FULL REPORTStudents in Cameroon Confront Media Ethics as they Provide Solutions at Second IMED
Cameroon participated in International Media Ethics Day on September 21 st, 2012 at the Cameroon Radio Television’s audiovisual training centre in Yaoundé. Some 50 students and staff attended the one-day training.
VIEW FULL REPORTReport For Celebrations to Mark 2nd International Media Ethics Day Held In Mbarara Uganda
The function that took place from 3PM to 6PM East African local time, attracted over 25 participants from all over Uganda, with a majority coming from the western part of the country.
VIEW FULL REPORTPassionate Journalists Attend IMED Workshop in Lagos, Nigeria
The Second International Media Ethics Day was marked in Lagos, Nigeria, with an interactive forum held at Jubel Magazine Office, on 21st of September 2012.

“Interesting and Educative” is one of the many ways to Describe the IMED Workshop in Abuja, Nigeria
Journalists from Wazobia and Cool FM attended the International Media Ethics Day worskhop in Abuja- Nigeria held on September 22, 2012.


Media Personnel Gather in Albania to Discuss the Importance of Ethics in Journalism
The National Council of Radio and Television (NCRT), of Albania, came together for the International Media Ethics Day on September 21, 2012, at the Tirana International to host a seminar on media ethics related issues.


IMED in Lasi, Romania, Journalists Satisfied with Great Discussions and Debates
The workshop planned for the International Media Ethics Day was held in Lasi, Romania, with 6 attendees. The workshop was moderated by Liliana Ciobanu, who is a freelance journalist.