The AGAHI Awards are an annual series of awards for journalism in Pakistan, celebrated to recognize the work of dedicated and credible journalists.These awards were first inaugurated in March 2012. These awards are in essence part of several media development initiatives in Pakistan – scaling up their training and capacity building efforts by recognizing the best journalists reporting on critical issues concerning; Business & Economy (Competitiveness), Crime, Education, Democratic Values, Energy, Water & Food Security, Environment, Climate Change, Flood and Disaster Reporting, Gender, Governance, Corruption, Health, Human Rights, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Infotainment, Interfaith, Journalism for Peace, Judiciary, Media Ethics, Millennium Development Goals (MGDs), Photo Journalism, Philanthropy, Corporate Social Responsibility.

The objectives of these awards are to:

  • Recognize the country’s best journalists
  • Create competition within media encouraging ethical reporting
  • Promote and highlight the role of best practicing journalists in the country and sharing their experiences
  • Bring together government, development institutions, press clubs, academia and private sector institutions with interest in media development
  • Discuss best journalism practices
  • Help promote research and development in media industry

These awards are held in collaboration with local and international media bodies, regulatory authorities, private sector and other stakeholders.

AGAHI and Mishal Pakistan in collaboration with multiple stakeholders jointly nominates senior international leading journalists, media development experts, and knowledge resources to be part of the judges’ panel to evaluate the entries and to hand-over the awards.